Friday, July 22, 2011

Thinking about paint - by Holly

We're at that point where design is hot on my mind... and we are VERY close to having something I can post. In the meantime I am also thinking about exterior paint colors. It's going to be a long time before we paint the house--in fact it probably won't make the to do list for a few years--but I know that this is something I need to spend a looong time thinking about. I'm excited to be learning about the Victorian style and doing a mix of historical/personal/modern. And what better way to experiment than to spray paint my own house:

Spray paint doesn't have a whole lot of choices when it comes to colors, but it's a starting point. Don't get too hung up on the saturation/value. Right now we're liking the idea of yellow for the siding, cream for the trim, and accent colors a gray, an orange, and a brown (no green). I love how yellow is so friendly and inviting!

Victorian houses need multiple colors. They have a lot of detail, and using multiple/contrasting colors really makes those details jump out.

We're also taking into consideration what other houses are around us--yellow is a good choice. If you're wondering why I spray painted my house knowing it wouldn't be repainted for a while, you should know the wall I sprayed will not exist.... Oooooooo, aren't ya curious about that... It's gonna be a porch. :) Whoops, I just ruined the surprise.

I'll leave you with one last pic of the guys working on the footings for the foundation. Poor guys--it's SOOOOOO HOT. I tried to surprise them with a misting fan today but actually couldn't find one in stores. Boo.

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