Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mother's Day

When we wired the house we planned for two small light/fan combos on the back porch (but just installed lights for the meantime). There's not much space and the ceiling is angled. It turns out, that is a pricey combo... x2! I cashed in on some gift cards and Mother's Day to come away with a pretty sweet upgrade. :)

Before, during, and after:

Parlor Couch

Well this is technically not part of the house but it seemed appropriate to post the "rehab" of my newest sofa. We've only had two chairs in our parlor for almost the entire time we have lived here... until one day when I just couldn't stand it anymore and I bought this fine piece at a local consignment shop (Classic Treasures):

Oh yeah, I re-painted the parlor (so that's 3 colors in 5 years: peach, blue, and turquoise), lol, and chose new curtains. Anyways, I loved the lines of the sofa but knew I didn't want that dark brown/faded to orange fabric on such a large piece. My thought was that I could reupholster it and come out having spent half the price I would have on a new sofa. After pricing out upholsterers and realizing I was wrong about the cost of reupholstery I adjusted my fabric budget. I got some great deals but in the end it was basically a wash in terms of buying something new. But, I would not have been able to buy something this nice and I quite enjoyed the thrill of a new project:

Shout out to a couple of other local shops: Durham Upholstery and House of Fabrics. The sofa fabric is a textured cream (I don't have to worry about dirt/spots) and I chose a persimmon/cream herringbone fabric for the pillows. Allow me to give a public thank you to my husband who is always willing to help me wrangle new furniture into the house! ;)