Saturday, January 28, 2012

Family Workday - by Holly

Our family has been sick for about two weeks now... yet we thought we were feeling up for a few hours of Saturday work at the house; installing speakers!

I awoke feeling much worse than the day before so I was pretty delirious and useless... Colin is not 100% by any stretch but I ended up taking the day off to nurse a fever, yikes. HUGE thank you to our neighbors Chris and Tiffany Graves who let our kids play at their house!!!

First, here's a wall size sample of the green for the dining room:

Early on when I was laying down and watching a movie with the kids:

 We marked where the tv, bracket, and speakers would go. Let the installation begin:

 This is "kid" Colin in his version of a candy store:

Colin taught Tiffany how to install ceiling speakers:

Olsen and his crew worked on the exterior, on a Saturday!...

Looks great!!!...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wainscoting, Trim, Dining Room, Kitchen - by Holly

Original wainscoting is going back in place!

Complete window trim:

Door trim throughout upstairs:

Exterior trim too:


Paint samples for the dining room; I will be going for the green (Restoration Ivory):

First appliance installed:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dining Room Color - by Holly

I'm still agonizing over this. Adjacent rooms include the parlor (light peach), hall (light and bright warm neutral), and kitchen (gold, light neutral, bronze accents). The fireplace mantle in the dining room has green/gold/yellow tiles.

I want the room to be different from its adjacent rooms, but subtle. Thinking of the permanent tiles as a jumping off point, I'm inclined to go with the not-so-green green from Elana's Room. It's called Restoration Ivory (SW) and while in the green family, is so light it comes off mostly cream.

I expect the color to be something like this picture, but perhaps a little less saturated:

So what's the problem? Dining Rooms aren't green. I have never seen (for myself) a green dining room. There is something about the color that doesn't say: hey let's sit down and eat together. I believe there are greens that would be better than others for a dining room and that anyone should paint a room they live in any color they so desire. Where does that leave me? Arg.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Before We Started Renovating - by Holly


behind stairs

bedroom/bath = new dining room/butler's pantry

laundry = new butler's pantry/entrance to kitchen from hall

bedroom = new office

bottom unit kitchen = new kitchen reoriented

chimney that was later removed

bedroom = new family room

hall/bath = new screen porch

upstairs unit access

3 bedrooms = new landing and 2 bedrooms

bedroom = new landing

upstairs hall = new hall and laundry

2 bedrooms = new bedrooms with access rerouted

front corner bedroom = new bedroom 1 (Will's room)

middle bedroom = new bedroom 2 (Elana's room)

bath off bedroom = new hall bath

upstairs unit kitchen and bathroom = master suite (absorbing porch to interior space)