Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The First of Trim and Doors! - by Holly

Neil, Will, and Jeremy have been re-installing the original trim, new baseboards, window trim, and interior doors downstairs!

Parlor to dining room doorway (this was closed off when we bought the house).

Same doorway but with a view through to the kitchen (that single doorway went to a bathroom when we bought the house).

Parlor to front entry. The baseboard you can barely see in this pic will also get a base cap.

Window in the parlor. This is one of the 1980s windows we have not yet replaced; we'll use our tax credit to finish replacing windows and paint the exterior. For now, we are doing a basic trim around windows like this since it will get ripped off and replaced in the fairly near future.

Same case in the dining room.

And this is the coat closet door under the stairs. Our interior doors are original doors from the twin house (generously given to us!)

Door to the office/library.

Small closet door in the office.

Reclaimed ball hinge (we are using these throughout the house).

First part of new window trim, waiting on the milled trim (matches original).

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