Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Day Left - by Holly

Seriously? All of a sudden I find myself in the position of saying, "we're moving tomorrow." AAAHHH! I am so excited and so thrilled with how far the house has come. We still have our fair share of projects left but the house is more than livable, whoo-hoo!

will's room

elana's room

kids' bathroom

master suite

master closet

master bath

best part of the house ;)

master bedroom



dining room


new fridge!

i'm obsessed with blue lights

Monday, February 27, 2012

Final Coat - by Holly

The upstairs is done and the first floor is receiving its last coat as I type this post:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

First Coat - by Holly

The upstairs (and stairs) received the first coat of poly! The original floors look so amazing--so warm and rich in tone! I wish the floors downstairs could have been preserved but there was hardly any left and it was patchy! Nonetheless, the new reclaimed floors look nice and will darken naturally over the years to look more like the original floors.

Here are some pics (after the first coat of poly has been buffed):

(this section was vacuumed)

The downstairs is just about ready for the first coat of poly, which needs just a few hours to dry so the goal for today is to put a second coat upstairs, followed by the first coat downstairs, followed by the second coat downstairs. If that happens, the floors will get their last coat Sunday. Worst case scenario, they'll complete work on Monday, still giving us one day before the move to have the house cleaned!