Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two More Weeks? - by Holly

At this point we are on track for another two weeks of work before we move in! There will be a number of things I will finish, such as painting walls and prepping/painting trim and beadboard ceilings, and a small handful of things that will take place after move-in such as screening the back porch and finishing the interior arched doorway. Over the next couple weeks, the stairway will be completed, we'll get the final CO, finish the floors (upstairs and down), and add doorknobs/rim locks. I've started packing our apartment and have lost any will power I once had over a year ago to pack in an organized fashion. O:) Ideally we'll move Feb 29 although that date doesn't really allow for any contingencies. Colin and Elana are going to California March 3-11 so I'm pushing to move in before they head out.

We have one meter now instead of two, yay!


One really long handrail...

Check out that newel post!

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