Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The hallway is painted! This was a lot of work. For real. And now that it's done, I just want to do everything there... aahhhh. Hey hon, let's have dinner in the hall--it's so pretty now. ;)

Technically we still need to add stain to the handrail but that's all, so, I'm posting these pics now and then I'll do an official before and after post once the handrail is stained.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm so glad we made a connection with Robb Damman. He's done a great job at fixing things that others did not do so well. So far he has:

-fixed our front door so it closes and seals properly
-repaired the old lock hardware
-installed a new deadbolt
-fixed our pocket door that detached (that was a beast because one side was installed backwards and nearly impossible to release from the track)
-added molding to the bottom of our "floating" mantle (the mantle was not re-installed well so it's a jacked up mess but at least it looks like it touches the floor now)

I'm also having him work on french door options for the arched doorway.

robb installing a single sided deadbolt--that way it wont affect the outside door design

(before molding at the bottom)

after molding *we will address the finish whenever we decide what to do with the whole mantle


Something very exciting is happening this week... stay tuned!