Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm so glad we made a connection with Robb Damman. He's done a great job at fixing things that others did not do so well. So far he has:

-fixed our front door so it closes and seals properly
-repaired the old lock hardware
-installed a new deadbolt
-fixed our pocket door that detached (that was a beast because one side was installed backwards and nearly impossible to release from the track)
-added molding to the bottom of our "floating" mantle (the mantle was not re-installed well so it's a jacked up mess but at least it looks like it touches the floor now)

I'm also having him work on french door options for the arched doorway.

robb installing a single sided deadbolt--that way it wont affect the outside door design

(before molding at the bottom)

after molding *we will address the finish whenever we decide what to do with the whole mantle

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