Monday, May 14, 2012

Kind of a big deal

We have decided to finish the second phase of work this year (instead of 2013). What is the second phase? Replacing the last of the non-original windows with the more original looking 2 over 2, repairing/rebuilding the front porch, and scraping/painting the entire outside of the house. The only decisions that we need to make at this point are regarding paint colors. Victorian houses want a minimum of 4 colors (base color, trim, second color, and accent) although I hope to add one or two more depending on how expensive it will be... A few of the houses around us have been renovated/repainted so we're trying to choose a color scheme that fits in with the block as a whole. Even with probably over 60 paint samples in my shed, I am really struggling to find a combination that gets me excited AND I can have confidence about... keep in mind, we have no experience with choosing exterior colors. I generally like things that are "light and bright." With the right balance of accents/color, you can definitely still have a look that pops. Here's an example:

I'm in love with this. It speaks to me. It inspires me. And it would be a new color on our block! So here is an old picture of our house:

Apply SW Copen Blue as the siding color, an off-white such as SW Porcelain as the trim color, a darker version of the siding color (SW Calico) on the attic gables, and SW Empire Gold as the contrast/accent color (windows, etc.). I could also see a dark gray with hint of brown in there too.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Backyard Day 5

The patio is made of bricks from the chimney that had to be taken down