Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A couple months ago we put up a REAL chandelier in the dining room (replacing the spray-painted $15 light I got from the Habitat for Humanity store). I -Holly- hung and wired the chandelier while kids were napping and Colin was at work, hours before the neighborhood home tour. Colin helped by putting on all the pieces of crystal once he was home, overall it was an easy process! Here's a pic from Thanksgiving:

Friday, December 6, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013


After a record summer of rain, we found ourselves with a leak in the roof. One day I noticed the floor was buckling in the corner of our son's room. It had been absorbing moisture for a while but I hadn't seen it because of the curtains.

And literally two days later we had an outbreak of these tiny bugs:

It took a while to figure out what they were, but eventually I identified them... they're called mold/plaster beetles. (Awesome) Meanwhile, we had a mold specialist come in and do a number of moisture readings which led us to remediation. First things first, repair the porch roof that ties into the floor on the second level:

And dehumidifying:

Followed by removal of mold covered materials:

Evidence of the water coming in:

Dry, dry, and dry:

Rebuilding the floor:

We used the leftover heartpine that was milled/installed downstairs:

All of this work happened in July/August right before my son started kindergarten. Nothing like kicking a child out of their room during a big life transition! :-P