Friday, December 30, 2011

Master Suite - by Holly

Yesterday I painted the master bedroom (all but one wall, ran out of paint). The color is a last minute change that I feel really good about. The color is SW Accessible Beige (in the taupe family) and it's the perfect cool neutral to blend with all our warm curtains, furniture, etc. It might seem a bit blah by itself, but I think it will be a great backdrop to everything else in the room.

I can picture a fireplace between these two windows. O:)

Our "foyer" is on the left. The other door you see is the closet.

Tilework in the master bathroom. Mama like.

3 holes for the roman tub faucet. Shower (that I will complete). Glass enclosure someday...

And here are a few other pics of the house:

Floors complete (installed)

Hard to imagine kids playing in the backyard... :) But I have a plan!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kitchen Sink - by Holly

I really can't complain about our kitchen sink. It may not have an apron front, but it's HUGE and I can't wait to have it perched under the window in our brand new kitchen! --Not that I'll be washing dishes. ;)

Somewhere in all this packaging there's a sink...

oh there it is! glorious.

snack bowl to show scale. sink is 32"w x 9.5" deep (interior)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Camera Pics - by Holly

kitchen with backdoor and connecting to family room

kitchen with butler's pantry and view of dining room

family room - middle door slides open to screen porch and backyard

parlor - beadboard ceiling to be repaired and painted

Will's room when it's dark outside

Will's room when it's sunny :)


Tile work has begun
More floors

Elana's room - very pink, tempered with just a touch of green

Monday, December 26, 2011

It's official! - by Holly

Thanks to a generous contribution by Colin's sister, Rachel, I have officially ordered this darling pendant for the master bedroom foyer:

Love the Rug - by Holly

Saw this at Lowes:

Elephant Gray - by Holly

Will wanted his room to be purple. I said no... Basically, I decided I wanted his room to be gray so I put a spin on it that I knew he couldn't resist (yes, I manipulated my 3 yr old) - elephant gray, to which he was ecstatic. O:) The actual name is (SW) Repose Gray:

Floors! - by Holly

Notice how my blog titles are ending with exclamations? It's that time--when finishes take form and the place starts to look like the home we will move in to! Here are rough phone pics:

master bedroom (addition)

parlor - dining room - kitchen

dining room


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another sneak peak - by Holly

Today I painted the family room (SW Antique White):

And the parlor (SW Alluring White):

Friday, December 23, 2011

PAINT! - by Holly

Today I painted 3 bathrooms and our kitchen. The baths are white so I didn't bother with any phone pics, but here's a couple of the kitchen (SW Believable Buff):

(spaces not painted are for the cabinets)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Flooring Install (Part 1) - by Holly

Here you can see the reclaimed flooring being installed in the addition (part of the master bedroom). We are ghostmarking in the floor a wall that existed in an early version of the house (see the horizontal planks). Both the old and new floors will be similar in color/shade although which exact finish is TBD.

Theme for Colin's office - by Holly


Friday, December 16, 2011

Reclaimed Heart Pine - by Holly

Today I received the flooring that will be installed downstairs and in the addition of the second floor. It will have a week (or more) to acclimate to the house before installation. We purchased this reclaimed heart pine from Rick Morgan at the ReUse Warehouse. I highly recommend him and his business (which has all kinds of reclaimed building materials)!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

February - by Holly

This renovation is big. We originally planned for 9 months of work and it looks like we're still on track (although I was hopeful we might do it in less time). I'm constantly talking with our contractor Todd Herschberger (of Cadence Construction) about what's left, the order, and overall timeline. Earlier we had thought there could be a January move-in but now that we've completed rough ins/drywall and really have a solid sense of what's left, we're calling it February. So here's what's left:

-prepare drywall for paint Monday (then I'll apply the first coat of color)

-tile shower pans (I'll be doing the floors and walls)

-install reclaimed flooring downstairs and second floor addition

-foundation repair under screen porch, build stairs, railing, etc. (we won't have the screen installed until after move in)

-kitchen cabinet install first week of January (followed by countertops a few weeks after that)

-trim installation throughout whole house

-apply finish to all flooring

-complete stair banister and railing

-complete front door install (paint, glass, etc.)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Parlor Inspiration - by Holly

Our parlor is definitely going to be a Ladie's Parlor. Despite how households have moved away from formal spaces, I'm really looking forward to a room that can look pretty and only have to function for adults! Our parlor has an original mantle, bay windows, and two generous doorways connecting it to the foyer and the dining room.

Here are some images of ladies' parlors that I found online and the ideas I'm getting from each one:

I'd like to do something similar with the window treatments, mainly the way the drapes meet in the center of each window while being gently drawn. If I can find a way to afford it, I like how the valance (?) conceals the curtain rods.

This parlor has a very clear color theme, and I like that. The parlor at 527 Holloway will not be this ornate, but hopefully I can still create a stylish space.

I'm a fan of light and bright. This room is gorgeous but, seeing as I have kids, I doubt I would have a white parlor! I like how this has all single chairs and the tables are low .

Here is one way I could create a conversational area--in the bay. I'll also have a piano in our parlor so a nook like this could create different functional spaces within the one room.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top of the stairs - by Holly

As I continue to work on a "finished picture" of our house, I see the perfect spot for a beautiful built in at the top of the stairs. This will not be on our to-do list anytime soon, but I love thinking about it. Here's another pic to help you imagine:
We have some old (original?) cabinet doors from the butler's pantry--they even have a lion's head pull, crazy. I think they would be perfect in this spot!

Additional Drywall Pics - by Holly

As promised:

Front parlor

Front parlor

Dining room (from front parlor)

Dining room

Foyer (from front door)

Kitchen (from butler's pantry)

Kitchen (from backdoor)

Family room

Family room

Hall (from family room towards front door)