Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Parlor Inspiration - by Holly

Our parlor is definitely going to be a Ladie's Parlor. Despite how households have moved away from formal spaces, I'm really looking forward to a room that can look pretty and only have to function for adults! Our parlor has an original mantle, bay windows, and two generous doorways connecting it to the foyer and the dining room.

Here are some images of ladies' parlors that I found online and the ideas I'm getting from each one:

I'd like to do something similar with the window treatments, mainly the way the drapes meet in the center of each window while being gently drawn. If I can find a way to afford it, I like how the valance (?) conceals the curtain rods.

This parlor has a very clear color theme, and I like that. The parlor at 527 Holloway will not be this ornate, but hopefully I can still create a stylish space.

I'm a fan of light and bright. This room is gorgeous but, seeing as I have kids, I doubt I would have a white parlor! I like how this has all single chairs and the tables are low .

Here is one way I could create a conversational area--in the bay. I'll also have a piano in our parlor so a nook like this could create different functional spaces within the one room.

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