Friday, September 30, 2011

With love, from the city of Durham - by Holly

 We used to have someone from next door mow our lawn (we didn't even own a lawn mower) but after a while, we realized he was no longer around and that we needed to make new arrangements. The plan was to mow it this Saturday, but, after seeing the above notice today, I decided it needed to be done today. Thank you Colin for mowing and weedwacking (and for being ok with buying both of those!).

I was gonna take an "after" shot but there were literally 10 people waiting for the bus and that would have been really awkward. Another time. :)

Goodbye deck - by Holly

This thing was not safe and needed to be rebuilt (plus we're absorbing the second level as interior space)...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey look at that--WALLS! - by Holly

Family Room, Hall Bath, and the Office are now framed!

This is the wall between the family room and the hall bath. It will eventually have a fireplace.

Do you think we should keep the aluminum foil window treatments?...

Two doorways in front of the arch: one to the hall bath and one to the office/guest room.

Our "cozy" hall bath.

The wall between hall bath and the office.

Doorway on the far right is the office closet. [Will is framing the corner]

Neil "supervises" ... ha ha ha--just kidding Neil! :)

From the back of the family room looking towards the kitchen.

Flowers out front!

I just couldn't resist growing something green any longer!

I shouldn't have any problem watering since I go to the house twenty times a day... O:)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Rantings of a Mad Woman - by Holly

We have been thinking about a clawfoot tub in the master bath. I'm torn because the freestanding tubs only offer the "champagne massage" which is the air bath--NOT a back massaging whirlpool. I haven't used either so I am really at a loss. Anyone have any experiences to offer? I use the tub for relaxation time after the crazy that is (my) kids so it IS something I will use often. :)

I've been drawing the master bath since it's my last chance to make any changes but first, let me present the most recent plans (click and zoom):

And here are different things I've been drawing. Please know that I NEVER intended these sketches to be on the blog so don't make fun... ;) Also, I made sure to draw fireplaces in each of these--it's just wishful thinking. Don't get too caught up in the way I drew things, just the general layout...

Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3


Phone Pics - by Holly

Current condition of our house...

View of family room, future bath, and Colin's office (yay subfloors!)

Cased opening between family room and kitchen

Colin's office

View from kitchen of wing wall (left) and cased opening into dining room

Cased opening from dining room into front parlor

Headers over windows

A very wide open upstairs (for the moment)

Interior doors back from being chemically stripped