Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey look at that--WALLS! - by Holly

Family Room, Hall Bath, and the Office are now framed!

This is the wall between the family room and the hall bath. It will eventually have a fireplace.

Do you think we should keep the aluminum foil window treatments?...

Two doorways in front of the arch: one to the hall bath and one to the office/guest room.

Our "cozy" hall bath.

The wall between hall bath and the office.

Doorway on the far right is the office closet. [Will is framing the corner]

Neil "supervises" ... ha ha ha--just kidding Neil! :)

From the back of the family room looking towards the kitchen.

Flowers out front!

I just couldn't resist growing something green any longer!

I shouldn't have any problem watering since I go to the house twenty times a day... O:)

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  1. You should hide something in the walls before you put up the drywall. Like a time capsule or something everyone in your family signs.