Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kitchen Design - by Holly

We are working with Common Ground (Green Building Center) for our kitchen. We placed our order weeks ago but I'm just now getting around to the blog post. :) These are for layout only--don't pay attention to any style details as they are not specific to our choices. If you're curious, we're doing a basic shaker style door with bronze knobs.

 This view is from the corner of the butler's pantry. There are two wing walls but the left one is invisible in this rendering so you can see what's behind it. 

This view is from the island towards the back door. The cabinets/counters on the left side are actually 45 degree angles. To the right of the fridge we have coat hooks and shoe cubbies that are open/accessed from the side. 

And this is from the middle of the room; you can see the butler's pantry on the left, followed by a wing wall, then the rest of the kitchen!

Perimeter cabinets will be Navajo White and the island will be Warm Stone (both Sherwin Williams).  Countertops are Windmere from Cambria (their website pic is not a great representation).

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