Monday, May 14, 2012

Kind of a big deal

We have decided to finish the second phase of work this year (instead of 2013). What is the second phase? Replacing the last of the non-original windows with the more original looking 2 over 2, repairing/rebuilding the front porch, and scraping/painting the entire outside of the house. The only decisions that we need to make at this point are regarding paint colors. Victorian houses want a minimum of 4 colors (base color, trim, second color, and accent) although I hope to add one or two more depending on how expensive it will be... A few of the houses around us have been renovated/repainted so we're trying to choose a color scheme that fits in with the block as a whole. Even with probably over 60 paint samples in my shed, I am really struggling to find a combination that gets me excited AND I can have confidence about... keep in mind, we have no experience with choosing exterior colors. I generally like things that are "light and bright." With the right balance of accents/color, you can definitely still have a look that pops. Here's an example:

I'm in love with this. It speaks to me. It inspires me. And it would be a new color on our block! So here is an old picture of our house:

Apply SW Copen Blue as the siding color, an off-white such as SW Porcelain as the trim color, a darker version of the siding color (SW Calico) on the attic gables, and SW Empire Gold as the contrast/accent color (windows, etc.). I could also see a dark gray with hint of brown in there too.


  1. By far, one of the best looking Victorian color schemes I've seen. The contrasts highlight the detail without appearing too chaotic. LOVE.

  2. I really like your example colors.