Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lights, Baths, and Stairs - by Holly

(the shades still have the wrapping/tags)

Our stairs are getting some pretty special treatment. Since the staircase is in the front of the house where we're trying to preserve a super historic feel, we decided to ditch the half wall and convert to open treads which also meant new treads (the same reclaimed heart pine as our flooring), and I REALLY wanted tread brackets. Tread brackets are what I call jewelry for the stairs. I didn't even know they existed (consciously) until I started pouring over images of historic stairs. So what are they? Those pieces on the side/profile of the stairs. They are wood right now but will be painted white (treads will be stained) and will add a subtle layer of detail. I like the fancy brackets too but I don't like the price. O:)

 Here's an example of a staircase with very elaborate tread brackets:

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