Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Week Left! - by Holly

I'm very happy because these last days before moving in don't seem to be taking forever--which I would have expected after 9 months of waiting (and 17 months after deciding to move from/sell our last house). I've been working on a furniture plan for the new house and it's really hard since I don't yet know how we'll really use the space. Having small children makes it extra important to have things arranged in a way that's functional! Anyways, inspections are passed, the last one is taking place today (for our certificate of occupancy). The process of refinishing the floors starts today (upstairs) and will continue through the weekend. We'll have Monday and Tuesday to clean and finish up any last requests from the building inspector.

Lots of priming yesterday:

And the wainscotting/old trim:

And we decided to go ahead and put in the future closet in the family room (that will hold all media components plus other stuff):

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