Saturday, January 28, 2012

Family Workday - by Holly

Our family has been sick for about two weeks now... yet we thought we were feeling up for a few hours of Saturday work at the house; installing speakers!

I awoke feeling much worse than the day before so I was pretty delirious and useless... Colin is not 100% by any stretch but I ended up taking the day off to nurse a fever, yikes. HUGE thank you to our neighbors Chris and Tiffany Graves who let our kids play at their house!!!

First, here's a wall size sample of the green for the dining room:

Early on when I was laying down and watching a movie with the kids:

 We marked where the tv, bracket, and speakers would go. Let the installation begin:

 This is "kid" Colin in his version of a candy store:

Colin taught Tiffany how to install ceiling speakers:

Olsen and his crew worked on the exterior, on a Saturday!...

Looks great!!!...

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