Sunday, January 1, 2012

Colin's Office Coming Together - by Holly

Colin's Christmas present is a finished office. Pretty much all of the rest of the house will be in need of something for a very long time, except for his space. :) I'm excited to help him really design it and see it come together all at once. It's possible we will switch up the curtains (we have tons of curtains) because the office--wait, let's call it the library (I like old house room naming)--is leaning more towards a blue and gold look (although the red curtains could still provide a nice bit of contrast). Colin wants the space to feel open, thoughtful, have room for multiple monitors, a place to kick back with a book, and an overall industrial-almost-steampunk look. Today we decided on three elements...

 3x5 rug which will sit with a leather chair to define the reading area:

Two of these plug-in sconces flanking the window (pending specs confirmation in the space, they might be a bit too large):

And this awesome desk:

Wall color and curtains will be decided once we receive the rug! Yippee!!

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