Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dining Room Color - by Holly

I'm still agonizing over this. Adjacent rooms include the parlor (light peach), hall (light and bright warm neutral), and kitchen (gold, light neutral, bronze accents). The fireplace mantle in the dining room has green/gold/yellow tiles.

I want the room to be different from its adjacent rooms, but subtle. Thinking of the permanent tiles as a jumping off point, I'm inclined to go with the not-so-green green from Elana's Room. It's called Restoration Ivory (SW) and while in the green family, is so light it comes off mostly cream.

I expect the color to be something like this picture, but perhaps a little less saturated:

So what's the problem? Dining Rooms aren't green. I have never seen (for myself) a green dining room. There is something about the color that doesn't say: hey let's sit down and eat together. I believe there are greens that would be better than others for a dining room and that anyone should paint a room they live in any color they so desire. Where does that leave me? Arg.


  1. Our dining room is a rich, Kelly green called Overt Green from Sherwin Williams. It is dramatic, lovely for eating, and it gets lots of compliments. I take the attitude that there is no right or wrong with paint if you like it and can live with it. And if you don't like it you can eventually paint over it. So paint that room green!

  2. I agree with doing it your way, but I also think science agrees too. Warmer colors like orange or red make you eat more, while cooler colors like green or blue are calmer and lead to eating less. So it's really healthy for you!