Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Upstairs Demo - by Holly

The demo upstairs was done in basically one week, just like the downstairs. I'm sure there are a few more things that will go but for now we are working on design and starting foundation repairs. One really cool thing happened last week: the wall separating the units came down!!!!

Before: The wall under the drywall

After: No more wall!

I literally just stood here staring

That doorway behind the paint bucket is not going to stay.

The rest of the wood will be removed/replaced with a period appropriate banister

I can totally picture myself walking down these stairs and around to the kitchen...

How about instead of 2 single doors, I'll do a a double door ;)

The landing at the top of the stairs (which will be open)

The front bedroom room upstairs from the landing (street is on the left)

Front bedroom looking towards the back

Front room facing street

Top of stairs looking into second bedroom (window on side of house)

Top of stairs towards master bedroom (back of house)

Current bathroom in master bedroom

Hopefully this will become the center of the master bedroom

This wall will go to our private porch (whoo hoo!)

From the back towards the front

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