Saturday, July 9, 2011

End of Week One - by Holly

So far so good! Pretty soon we'll actually be able to go from the first to the second floor WITHOUT going outside. I am really looking forward to seeing the wall between the two apartments come down; that will really help it feel more like a single family home! Update on the wainscoting, I was mistaken in saying we would have it dipped; it would need to have the lead paint removed while it is attached to the wall OR we will replace completely.

We knew the doorway towards the end of the hall (inside) was at some point an exterior wall because of the decorative trim you see above it (that particular trim is used on this house above exterior doors and windows only).

It was quite a surprise to see evidence that the door on the left had also been an exterior door (that trim is looooong gone).

This is the little door that you could see from the outside but not at all from the inside because it was buried under drywall.

Here you see it from the outside, bottom left.

Looking towards the front of the house. (Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with that arch?...)

Kitchen before and after:

Butler's pantry/side porch/laundry room before and after:

And a few snapshots just for kicks.

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