Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Butterflies in my stomach - by Holly

This morning as I was driving to the house to drop off some papers to our contractor Todd, I felt butterflies in my stomach. It wasn't at all because I was worried or scared; it was because I knew today was officially Day 1 of our rehab (who, us?). Sure, Colin and I have been to the house a lot (especially lately) and we've already started tearing through walls and ripping out carpet, but now - NOW - the real work begins. As in it's REALLY happening. I'm so excited! For me it's like taking that step from the bungee platform. We've been "up there" setting everything up, getting it in place, and now it's time to jump! Some folks would be terrified, but for me it's exhilarating!

Here are some pics of the front parlor:

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