Tuesday, July 5, 2011

At the end of the day... - by Holly

Noticeable demo done today! I met the crew and they seem great; we're in good hands.

This is the dining room. For now we are leaving the wainscotting although it will either be dipped for chemical removal of lead (and other) paint or we will replace with new. The horizontal boards are the lathe which is the structure under plaster.

This by the front door, looking towards the stairs (which are separated by a tongue and groove wall). It needs to come down in order to restore access between the first and second floors.

Ok, moving on, this is the front parlor. By the way, all the names of the room are what we think it was originally--not necessarily what they will be once we move in. This first photo shows the opening that existed originally and was later framed over/drywalled. We will be opening the parlor up to the dining room again.

 And behind the drywall on the ceiling was a beadboard ceiling, yay!

They started removing original/ish door trim that will get dipped.

Here's more of the butler's pantry and more of the green we discovered last week.

Evidence of pocket door in those 5' doorways?

A sheet (not plaster) of ceiling in the dining room.

Evidence of past paint colors--pink and green (just like the tile on the fireplace surround). 

Exterior wall with evidence the house used to be green (not yellow). We had seen one old picture of it with a greenish tint but I find the real deal!

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