Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Foundation Work - by Holly

Foundation work has begun! We'll need to add some beams and jack the house a bit... no biggie... ha ha ha! The work has to go slower but Colin and I have loads to do with finishing the design and starting to put a "finishes budget" together. I do love having to choose EVERYTHING but I can see why it gets overwhelming to Colin. :) (cabinets, doors, paint colors, appliances, hardware, sinks, toilets, tubs, closets, electrical wiring, lights, and so on)

Anyways, have a look at our lack of floors (there was no original hardwood):

This is our family room

And looking through a possible bath into the study/guest room

The study/guest room

Here is the attic

We hope to have a bonus room + bath up here

Stairs would come up on the left of this pic, facing the center of the house (like the beams)

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