Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Demo - by Holly

action shot:

 front door looking towards the back:

front parlor:

front parlor looking into dining room:

front hall looking up at the ceiling:

wall between front parlor and dining room, note the beadboard ceiling in both:

dining room:

dining room looking into front parlor:

butler's pantry which after today, was more likely a small side entrance/porch. doorway you see is not necessarily original:

hall wall/ceiling behind the stairs:

study, note the framed doorway that used to lead inside from the side porch:

study looking into back addition:


(jumping around here) back addition looking into study:

back addition:

another shot from back addition looking into study:

more beadboard ceiling:

beadboard ceiling. middle is actual beadboard, to the right is wider and seems (to me) to match the wainscotting:

from back towards front:

 wall part of the butler's pantry/side porch mystery:

trim in dining room:

older color under white wainscotting:

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