Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspiration - by Holly

Thought I'd share things I'm in love with...

#1 School house lights. I'd love 4-6 of these in the kitchen:

(doesn't have to be this exactly)

Here's an example of something similar in a kitchen:

#2 A light and bright gallery style main hall. If only I could duplicate our arch... but alas, I cannot (historic pres restrictions). This pic is almost EXACTLY what I've had in my head:

can you picture it?!

#3 Damask. I love the damask pattern and was super excited to learn that it was also popular in late 19th century Victorian homes. It will be in my house... somewhere, somehow!

These are actual wallpaper patterns from the 1800s

#4 Apron sink with wall faucet:

Complete with its own backsplash. Love it!

#5 Double Front door. I'd like to have some form of lites on the door but they have to be far enough away from the handle that one couldn't easily break the glass and unlock the door... we may end up with solid doors + sidelites or a transom, etc.

These particular doors will not be ours but they are super cool!

#6 Carrara Basketweave Tile:

You [tile] can go in my master bath.


  1. welcome to the neighborhood! we are your neighbors at 716 holloway. looks like you've already done a lot of work. good luck!

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