Monday, August 8, 2011

Plans - by Holly

We've (...I've) been going round and round with the second floor. The fact is, I believe there is a plan that will feel far superior to everything else and wasn't convinced we'd found it yet. As we've considered new ideas, I've felt like we were doing things really different, but not necessarily improving the plan in a phenomenal way. Sara mentioned something last week and I think it is the best solution to make everything fall right into place: absorb the back porch (upstairs). The idea was just a seed and it has grown large in my mind over the weekend. Todd's initial response is that it should be quite feasible for two main reasons: 1) It already has a roof/gable and 2) We needed to rebuild the back porches anyway. So here's my cheesy Illustrator version which could definitely use some attention from Sara (she's out of town this week):

I like this because it keeps the bedrooms big, the master in the back/more private, a feature packed master bath, spacious closets, hall bath, and true laundry room (vs the stacked machines in a closet). Also, it uses A LOT of existing walls!

And in other news, here's a sample of an accent tile that I am in love with. It's a glass white and neutral with a stone looking texture--the perfect jumping off point for a floor tile... :)

Finally, here is a house from a Sherwin Williams brochure that has made it's mark on me. Colors are tough to see accurately but it's basically a peach (never would have chosen that on my own), a light blue, cream for the trim, and deep wine for another accent color.  (It's still gonna be 2-3 years after move in before we address the exterior) Colin's not exactly chomping at the bit over this color scheme...

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