Friday, August 26, 2011

Doors - by Holly

I've mentioned the Graves family before; they live in the twin house two houses down. They had original doors sitting outside their house so I stole them. No, not really. They totally offered them up to us and we said, "YES PLEASE!" One really cool thing about having a twin house is that it can help us figure out what is/would have been original. I was planning on getting the 5 panel (horizontal) interior doors but what our neighbors had was slightly different--and therefore almost definitely what would have been used in our house. Since the Graves already have their interior doors, we are happy to take the extras off their hands. Thanks Chris and Tiffany!!

Also, we got wind of a front door that was thought to be perfect for our house. We agreed:

All of the doors will be chemically stripped and then restored. One cool thing we'd like to use is salvaged hardware, specifically rim lock hardware. Rather than the lock being in the core of the door, everything sits on the outside--this is what would have been used at the time our house was built. Our contractor introduced us to the idea and we love it! Here's an example image from the glorious web:

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  1. Holla! :)
    I'm glad you could use them.

    We need to talk about front doors. Conference call to be pending!