Monday, August 1, 2011

More Pics - by Holly

Lots of trim:

The kitchen with another wall from the butler's pantry/side porch down:

Those boards are reeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllly long. I'm guessing at least 25 feet:

I guess having a floor in the dining room isn't really necessary:

This "beam" is one of many that will be replaced. Yay for rot and termite damage:

Looking from the dining room towards the back/into kitchen. It will be way cooler when there's an "after" pic to go with it:

More massive piles of lumber:

A bathroom I drew upstairs (gotta love sidewalk chalk):

Looking towards the laundry room. Again, way cooler when there's an "after" pic:

Welcome to my most frustrating space in the house. Adjacent to the master bed/bath is a GIANT space above the family room downstairs. And it's totally not usable because of the roof lines. Sigh. I can make the master bath work remarkably if only we could stick the toilet into a small portion of this space. See that roof life there cutting a diagonal from left to right? It's one of two roof lines I'm not a fan of... but *perhaps* I can find a cost effective way of stealing 2x3 feet of this space (at proper ceiling height) to make a small bath feel big! See that bit of blueish green on the right between the light and dark boards? That's a mattress. Outside. On the roof.

I've drawn the corner of the middle bedroom (faint blue line). It's a shame to drywall over these fireplaces upstairs but there's just no other way to build closets without imposing on the rooms in an ugly way:

 And for the front bedroom:

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  1. I'll admit it. I never thought of chalking up rooms to gain perspective. What a great idea!

    It's looking awesome. I'll see if I can dig up and send you a picture of our main girder that was floating like your dining room beam!