Monday, August 15, 2011

Initiation - by Holly

We've had our first break in. Sometime on Saturday night someone(s) literally pulled on one of the doors to the shed until it ripped apart. The lock in the center held... I guess that's a good thing. They made off with my compound miter saw. Smart choice, it was definitely my favorite.

Our neighbor called us Sunday morning as soon as she saw it; I'm so grateful to have neighbors that watch out for us. :) We spent the day filing a police report, repairing/reinforcing the doors--inside and out, and trimming back the tree so that the shed will be even better lit by the city light across the way. And now that the cops know we are working on the house, they're gonna make sure to drive by and check on it at night.

It's certainly frustrating this happened but we are not caught off guard. And we're not angry or bitter, but hopeful that the folks who do this sort of thing will somehow see Jesus as we forgive and move forward loving on the people in the community (and that the doors hold up better).  ;)

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