Friday, October 21, 2011

Stop the bus! - by Holly

This week we, I, hit a snag. A wall went up and something inside me said, "this isn't right." It was definitely built right, but I felt it wasn't good for the space. Since a week ago I've had my head in the ground trying to solve the new issues that had become my concern. It threw a wrench in our progress and halted work but the good news is we are back on track. I loved the space that has been dedicated as master suite; but I worried about the hall bath being so close to the master, and not central to the bedrooms it will serve. The problem is, the hall bath can't be central without dropping ceilings below, and with the house not having many historical elements left to preserve, we really feel we should keep the high ceilings in the front/formal part of the house. Switching the hall bath and master bath seemed the last logical option, but that created other logistical/design issues. So the only thing left to attempt was to put more than 2 inches between the hall bath door and master suite door... and we ended up with this:

*closet will be 5' wide including door

I like how it creates 4 windows in the bedroom and a noise buffer next to the hall bath (we were gonna do extra soundproofing in the walls). In the past, this version had a bigger closet, which created a long hall before the bedroom opened up--and I really was not a fan. But now, rather than a hall in the master, there is a nice open foyer, plus with the bed + windows being visible, it will feel like you have arrived at the bedroom (again, vs a long hall). This change also allows the exterior windows to line up rather than being distributed equally but offset. Yay!

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