Monday, October 10, 2011

Another week - by Holly

I have quite a bit of pictures to post. Enjoy!
Finishing up the drop ceiling in the kitchen (post beam).

Framing upstairs! Laundry room on the left, bedroom door on right.

Same bedroom door (left), hall bath door (middle), master bedroom (right).

Replacing joists in the attic to make a usable floor.

Will watches as Colin move bricks.

Clearly Will is enjoying this.

Colin? Not so much...

Super big THANK YOU to our good friend Mike for helping Colin with this on Sunday.

Whaaaaaaat?! Colin, you're insanely awesome for moving all those bricks.

Work on this will begin soon.

The upper half will be absorbed as interior (the master dressing room/glorified closet).

Hm, what to do with all those bricks... a driveway? retaining wall? --ooo, I know!--how about a CHIMNEY?!

I don't think Colin liked that last suggestion.

The first of last week's orders arrives! These are master bath fixtures.

shower handle

my darling, silly Elana

I can't wait!


  1. Mike enjoyed the cross-training! Hm, maybe use the bricks for a patio?

  2. I like Mama Goose's idea. Bricks will likely not hold up to vehicular traffic.