Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Documentation & Such - by Holly

I recently met with Sara to get the house documented and measured for preservation/tax credit/design purposes. Heather along with a new intern were also there and it still took a solid hour to get through everything. We'll be getting the existing floorplan in a couple weeks and hopefully start the design process in a month-ish but for now we are good to start demo!

Also interesting, things that I never thought people would say about "my house"

"I measured from the dead bird."

"We need to close the door so we don't have to stand where the poop is."


  1. Love it! in our house you had to say "watch out for the used condom" and "don't cut your foot on that crack pipe." good times!

  2. And watch for the used hypodermic needles!!! ;-)