Sunday, June 26, 2011

Better? or worse? - by Holly

Today we removed all the carpet (and pad) from the downstairs. We knew it would be a straightforward process but were surprised by how quick it went. Luckily I had purchased masks for us ahead of time... that place is N-A-S-T-Y! Anyways, pretty much all of the wood floors are missing/not salvageable. Here are some before and after pics...


Front Parlor:

Dining Room:

And some other after pics:

Colin started taking down the cabinets and we decided to investigate what we think would have been the butler's pantry. The dark wood on the outside is original framing (the lighter was later added in order to attach drywall).

And here is a picture of approximately the same space but from the other side and on a perpendicular wall. It was interesting to find the original wood (dark) had been painted a light green (but why did it stop?). We don't know what would have been there... it should make more sense once the walls are down:


  1. look under the sheets of plywood?

  2. Yeah, our house had a hardwood floor hidden under sheets of plywood.

    Good luck!

  3. Our contractor and foundation guys were under the house (before we pulled the carpet up) and felt that based on what they were seeing, most of the hardwood was gone. But we'll still check!

  4. That's disappointing. Do you think you'll try to salvage hardwood or some other option?

  5. I have no idea (realistically) at this point. We are interested in preserving what we can, whether it's actual materials or doing something that would be era appropriate...