Monday, June 23, 2014


A while back I took a risk with some colors in the dining room, and then wasn't pleased. Well, the short term fix was to leave the ceiling yellow and re-paint the walls a light neutral that I love (navajo white). As time has passed, I've started to not love the yellow ceiling either. And because this is MY house and I can paint as many times as I please, I decided to paint the ceiling in the bay white. I like it much better. I'm just a light & bright, neturals kinda girl... I like color but not in the form of paint on my walls (or ceiling)....

This was such a small/quick project that I was easily able to do it with all 3 kids around:

And here's after cleanup:

I think the best part about this is that hubby won't know/notice until he reads it on this blog!! :) I plan to paint over the rest of the ceiling too but that will have to wait for another day(s).

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