Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Underestimating - by Holly

The view from my front door--someone's alcoholic "gift" to us.

I underestimated the bus stop in front of our house. I expected people waiting for the bus and the bus itself coming and going... I did not anticipate the dozens of cigarette butts constantly littered on the sidewalk, people leaving all of their trash in my yard, people letting their kids run around screaming (even at night) in my yard, and finally the classic person(s) waiting for the bus in the cool of our front porch--even after they've seen me.

We have plans to build a fence in the front, with a gate, but we can't do that without approval from the historic board, which will take a very long time (think months). Because we decided to finish the exterior this year, it only makes sense to do all the work to the porch before putting up a fence that would most likely just get in the way/messed up.

I have every intention of petitioning this bus stop to be moved. If you drive towards downtown from east Durham on Holloway, there is a bus stop basically every mile, until you get closer to Elizabeth Street, where it seems like there's one missing. Then you cross Elizabeth Street and there are 2 stops back to back--doesn't make sense. I'll be proposing the city move the one directly in front of our house further east on Holloway; not only would it make a lot more sense interval-wise, but it wouldn't be directly in front of anyone's house (there are storefront buildings).

Hopefully we won't be providing more space for people to stash their trash (on our side of the fence)....

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  1. In the meantime, you can plant. The city doesn't as strictly regulate the height, style, or type of bushes. This is why my butterfly bushes are six feet tall where I could not put up a fence.